Solar Power in Tucson

Because of the vast number of sunny days we have here in the Green Valley area, Tucson solar power simply makes sense. Southwestern Solar provides you with the opportunity to tap into our most neglected resource, the sun, and use it to provide your home with energy, saving you money from the moment it’s installed.

Energy costs continue to increase, and this is only going to be more true in the days ahead. With one of our systems, you can reduce your electric bills and provide yourself some protection against future rate increases. In fact, many of our customers are able to completely eliminate their electric bills once they install one of our systems.

Your unit will go to work for you the day it is installed. We offer a free no-hassle proposal with performance projections. Your system will perform to the performance standards that are presented in the purchase proposal and save you money!

So call Southwestern Solar today to schedule a consultation to learn more about Tucson solar power and how it can improve your life and your budget. Our highly trained staff will design and install your system so that it makes the best possible use of Arizona’s blazing sun. All you need to do is start saving money on your energy bills!

Why Choose Us?

  • Our parent company Green Valley Cooling & Heating has been serving the southern Arizona area since 1968… we have staying power.
  • We are a local company and will be here long after the sale is made.
  • Our mission is to exceed your customer's expectations in everything we do.
  • If you are not satisfied, neither are we.
  • We have a highly trained staff that will design and install your solar system to make optimum use of Arizona's plentiful resource, the sun.