Welcome to Southwestern Solar

Southwestern Solar is a solar power design and installation company headquartered in Green Valley, Arizona. We specialize in residential solar power as well as commercial solar energy solutions.

We believe residential solar energy is the future and a properly designed home solar power system can pay for itself in a matter of years. Residential solar energy will play an important and significant role in our nation’s conversion to sustainable green energy.

Energy costs like everything else are getting higher and they are going to get worse. A solar grid-tied system can help you reduce your electric bills and provide a method to protect against future rate increases.

You can protect your family, your investments and your retirement from energy inflation. Investing in solar will help to protect the environment and will offer you a reasonable return on your investment.


  •  reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  •  start paying for itself the day it is installed
  •  help you invest in your home vs. paying the power company
  •  provide a return on investment of 5-15% – better than stocks or bonds
  •  protect you from future energy
    cost increases
  •  no sales taxes on solar equipment purchases


  •  Energy Audits
  •  Grid-tied Solar Power
  •  Off Grid Solar Power
  •  Stand By Power Generators
  •  Hybrid Power System
  •  Wind Power
  •  Backup Power

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