Why Electric Companies Aren’t All Pro-Solar

PrintThough solar power is an efficient and earth-friendly technology, there has been recent speculation on the business as a whole and how it can affect other companies.  The question behind this grueling dilemma is what companies are affected by solar power, and are the affects something that will thwart solar power industries.

In many states, it is required by energy companies to obtain a certain percentage of their power from alternative energy sources such as windmills and solar power.  Tucson Electric Power Company, for example, uses their Bright Solutions program to allow its users to purchase solar energy credits to offset their energy consumption in a more earth-friendly manner. However, in some states, this is not the case.

South Carolina is one state that is falling behind the trend.  Though solar energy proves to be an efficient means of producing renewable energy, South Carolina tends to lean more towards protecting electric companies’ interests and protecting traditional means of electric production.  Though the electric companies provide jobs for several thousand employees, many companies much like Southwestern Solar can also provide jobs not only installing and maintaining units but also building and manufacturing said units.

The use of solar energy is not only good for the environment, but is also good for the economy.  Solar companies provide jobs both locally and on the manufacturing level and is an up and coming business to become invested with.  It is important that more states jump on the bandwagon of renewable energy and make the shift toward solar energy consumption.  To read more about why you should go solar, check out our article 10 Reasons to Go Solar, and to learn more about how to get solar energy working for you in your home, give us a call at 520-625-1238 or fill out the form here.