What Renewable Energy Really Means


Did you know that in a single day, the amount of solar energy that hits the earth is enough to power the world for 27 years? That means in just one hour, enough energy to power the world is freely projected onto Earth. That’s a lot of energy and it’s no wonder solar power is on the rise. In fact, solar energy has been creating more jobs than any any other means of energy so it is not only helping our environment, but our economy as well.

To keep you informed, here are a few facts about solar energy that you might find useful:

  • Solar cells work by converting light into energy
  • Solar power cannot work without a battery
  • The Mojave Desert houses the biggest solar power plant
  • Many space crafts use solar energy
  • Solar panels can create electricity even on cloudy days
  • Solar energy does not create pollution
  • We are only using around 5% in renewable energy
  • Solar energy does not take up a lot of space, oftentimes panels can be placed on your roof
  • Solar energy can be affordable
  • There are many tax incentives for renewable energy

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