Welcome to Peter Purves

Pete-2At Southwestern Solar we love to show tribute to our hard working staff and those who help us run smoothly. Today, we would like to extend a special thank you and welcome to our new president, Peter Purves.

Though he has only been with Green Valley Cooling and Heating and Southwestern Solar for one year, Pete served on the GVC&H advisory board prior to being appointed President. Pete has over 40 years experience in business leadership roles. He believes that a successful business is built by ensuring that customers are satisfied, employees are engaged, and there is a commitment to the community.

While relatively new to the industry, he leads a seasoned team of HVAC and Solar professionals that have a proven track record of providing solutions to our customers.

Pete and his wife very much enjoy the outdoors. You can usually find the two of them down at the family ranch in Sonoita on the weekends.

Welcome Pete, and thank you for your commitment to serving the lovely people of Green Valley.