The History of Solar

It is a common misconception that Solar is a new technology. Yes, the hype on solar energy and its effects on our environment have been a recent trend, but where solar energy started is a fascinating history lesson. In fact, the idea of solar energy began in the 1800’s by¬†Alexandre Becquerel who recognized the photovoltaic effect in which an object that is exposed to light conducts energy. From that point forward, solar energy has been a technology that has been improved upon every year it is in existence.

In the early 1900’s, Albert Einstein published a paper discussing the photovoltaic effect and the possibility of harnessing the sun to create energy. Unfortunately, because technology wasn’t advanced, it became increasingly difficult to make solar cells. It cost hundreds of dollars to produce one watt of energy whereas it cost only a couple of dollars to create the same amount of energy with coal.

It wasn’t until the mid 70’s that the efficiency of solar cells truly made a splash, while the space center was already using solar energy because it proved to be efficient for them, efficiency was growing. President Carter started to advocate for solar energy and its advancement started taking off. Currently, President Obama has added more solar panels to the white house and has been advocating incentives and education for solar energy and the technology only gets better.

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