Solar Power Facts for Kids

1413232_84106928At Southwestern Solar, we are all about educating our fabulous customers and residents in Green Valley. Sometimes, however, we forget about the budding little minds who may be curious about Solar Power too. To fill that gap, here are some fun Solar Power facts for kids!

  • Solar power is created by the sun’s rays.
  • People have been using solar energy for thousands of years, from heating water, to drying clothes, to making delicious sun tea!
  • Now, we have the technology to use the sun to create electricity for use in our homes!
  • Using solar power can reduce pollution and make our air cleaner
  • Solar cells convert the sun’s light into electricity, you may have noticed solar cells powering small devices like calculators.
  • Space stations and spacecrafts use solar panels to generate power
  • The largest solar power plant in the world is in the Mojave Desert

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