Prepping for your New Solar Panels

green-plug-outlet-1431032-mSo you have decided to go solar. Congratulations! Before you take the big leap into a life-changing and money-saving means of energy, take some advice from your friends at Southwestern Solar in Green Valley Arizona.

Before you determine how many panels you will need to use in your home it is important to make some changes in the way you use energy. The less energy you use means the fewer panels you will need. Before you go solar, consider making a few adjustments like unplugging devices when not in use. Just because they are off does not mean they are not using energy; the only way to keep them from taking energy is to unplug them. Some more advanced adjustments might be replacing your windows with more efficiently insulated ones that are tightly sealed and in the desert, considering tinted windows to reduce the amount of heat and sunlight that is expended into the home to reduce your reliance on central air. Closing your blinds when you are away from the home will also reduce the amount of heat inside. ┬áIf your heating and cooling system is old, you might consider replacing your AC with a more energy efficient one that more effectively cools and heats your home. Give your friends at Green Valley Cooling a call if you are considering replacing your HVAC system. Smaller steps like turning off lights when they are not in use and turning your computer monitor off when you aren’t using it will help you to conserve energy. Having these things be a habit will help you get into a ritual of conserving energy. Lastly, consider washing clothes and running the dishwasher at night as some energy companies charge less when appliances are used off of peak hours.

Doing these things to reduce your energy expenditure will not only make your home more energy efficient but will reduce the amount of solar panels you might need. When you do get your solar panels, these energy-efficient habits will keep your system running more efficiently and save you money. If you have any questions about your new solar panel system or are considering going solar, give us a call at 520.329.4020 or click here!