Happy Labor Day from Southwestern Solar

closed-labor-day-ribbonGet outside, heat up the grill and enjoy your Labor day, we know we will. We want to show appreciation to our amazing team by giving them a little extra time off to relax and to thank them for all of their hard work and amazing attitudes. That’s why Green Valley Cooling and Heating and Southwestern Solar will be closed on Labor day

Father-Labor-DayAlthough everyone likes to celebrate this monuments holiday, few know the background behind Labor day. Did you know that there was debate as to the actual founder of Labor day? Peter McGuire, a young union leader is most often credited as being the father of Labor day, though recently it is thought that Matthew McGuire, a leading figure in the Central Labor Union in New York might have been the real founder. Which McGuire is it?

Though we might not ever find out for sure, one thing we do know, is that every 1st Monday of September marks a day of appreciation for our workers and the work they do. The first Labor day was celebrated on a Tuesday, the 5th of September, 1882 and followed yearly subsequently. Though we don’t know the true founder of Labor day, we do know that it was founded by the creator of hard work, dedication, strength, and perseverance; the American worker.

Happy Labor day from your friends at Southwestern Solar.