Electrical Usage During Winter

electricity-meter-179219-mWhile the cool weather in the desert is a much invited change for many, your energy consumption often increases from when using your heater was much more sparse. Statistics show that annually people are using around 750 kWh during the winter months rather than around 500 during the summer.

If you have kept up with our blog you can read back on several tips to reduce your energy consumption during the winter and you know how the amount of energy your solar panels can minimally decrease. Because of this it is very important to pay attention to finding ways to reduce your energy consumption and assure your home is energy efficient.

An excellent way to determine how much energy you are using is to look at your electric meter, the faster it spins, the more energy you are using. Consider making changes in your home and see how much that reduces the spinning.

Whether you went completely off grid or still rely partially on the electric company, making simple changes will affect how efficiently your panels work. During the winter months it is especially energy-consuming using your hot water heater, and as we have mentioned before, a great alternative to large-tank hot water heaters are wall units that don’t fill up a large tank of water but rather pass water through the system heating only what you use. If you aren’t partial to changing, consider having your hot water tank flushed annually will prevent hard water from building up inside of the tank keeping the water from the heating element and taking more energy to warm.

Keeping track on how quickly your electric meter is spinning will give you a good idea of the average amount of energy you expel in your home. If you notice it moving abnormally fast or notice your electric bills take a steep increase, you should consider contacting your electric company or having us come by to do an inspection. Knowledge is the best way to prevent you from expending more energy than necessary and saving you more money in the long run.

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