Does Winter Affect my Solar Energy?

It’s a common misconception that Solar Energy only works during the summer. Actually, the intake of solar energy can increase during the winter. The sun’s heat is not what produces energy, rather, the exposure to the sun’s rays.

But why does the energy production from your solar panels decrease during the winter months?  The simple answer is because the days are shorter and the exposure to sunlight is less. Because the energy comes from the sun’s rays, heat is not a factor. Extreme heat can actually decrease the intake of energy making the intake of sunlight during the winter greater.

Because Green Valley isn’t generally exposed to snowfall during the winter, the angling of your panels doesn’t make or break your energy intake, but rather the positioning of them to absorb the most sunlight is more important. Southwestern Solar takes this into account when we draw up the plan for your solar panels so that we can make your panels most efficient during any season.

With our internet based monitoring system, you can monitor and compare the energy intake during the seasons to adjust your reliance on other sources of energy. Keep in mind, however, that families typically use more energy during the winter months from heating your home to expensive holiday decorations and increased light usage during shorter days. Because you use more energy during the winter, understand that you might notice that you are relying more on conventional energy rather than solar but your solar energy will still save you money.

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