Do Solar Panels Work When it’s Cloudy?

There are several advantages to having solar panels in sunny Arizona and if you have enough space for them, they can be your sole source of power in your homes or office. One question, however, is whether your solar panels continue to be as efficient during the monsoon season or when the clouds are dark over your home.

This is a valid question to ask because clouds and dark skies do depreciate the efficiency of your panels.  Thats why we suggest batteries and/or not completely going off grid for power.  In fact, during extremely cloudy conditions, your solar panels can decrease in efficiency by 50%.

The desert is a perfect place to have solar panels because of how many more sunny days there are than cloudy so don’t be intimidated by solar panels.  They never stop working for you and often the rays through some clouds still give energy to your panels.

Make sure to keep your panels maintained and plan ahead for those few weeks of cloudy weather and have a plan to keep energy flowing in your home.  If you have any questions or would like to get your solar panels installed give us a call at 520-329-4020, or click here to get in contact with our solar specialists!