Can Heat Affect my Solar Panels?

pure-sun-107025-mCan heat affect your solar panels? The answer is yes. Though Arizona is a prime place for solar panels because of the high yield of sunshine and low yield of cloudy days, extreme heat can affect your solar panels’ performance. The amount of heat your panels receive does not affect how much solar energy it intakes but rather affects the amount of energy it produces in your home or office. Once your panels hit a certain temperature the production of energy slows down much like any device that is heated to the extreme.

Solar panels work best when the weather is cooler and the sun is shining so the next few months in Arizona are prime for the most solar consumption.  In fact, your panels might function best during the winter months which makes solar panels a smart investment for places with cool temperatures and lots of sun.

Don’t be put off by the answer, Arizona still remains one of the best producers of solar energy and taking advantage of the sunlight we have on a daily basis is an excellent way of offsetting electricity costs and producing renewable energy. Make sure you know all the facts before switching to solar and trust Green Valley’s own Southwestern Solar to help you with all your solar needs, questions, and installations.

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