Air Quality and Solar Power

7-2010-006It is no surprise that people have been warming up to solar power (excuse the pun), but have you taken the time to understand why? Solar is on the rise and it is not just because the solar industry is creating more jobs quicker than many other fields, or the fact that solar energy is becoming increasingly more affordable, but rather that its benefits are exponential. Tucson and the surrounding areas are becoming more metropolitan by the day and it is no surprise that the air quality in our desert towns is not the best, so why add to the air pollution with fossil fuels?

Did you know that by using renewable energy like solar panels, there is no associated air pollution like with fossil fuels? By utilizing solar energy more we can significantly reduce the amount of pollutants we breathe and in turn improve our health, reduce sick days, and feel better. We can do all this by simply harnessing the energy from the sun. Utilizing renewable energy not only improves air quality, but it also improves our water and reduces the amount of allergens.

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