About Solar

The sun delivers more energy to the earth in one hour than the world consumes in one year. We believe solar energy harvesting is the solution to our energy needs and a properly designed solar system can pay for itself in a matter of years, not to mention its important and significant role in our nation’s conversion to sustainable green energy.
Solar energy harvesting can:

  • Reduce or eliminate your utility bill
  • Protect you from future utility rate increases
  • Provide a return on investment of 5-15% – better than stocks or bonds
  • Improve the value of your home without increasing the tax burden
  • Reduce your federal and state tax liability
  • Decrease your carbon footprint
  • Reduce the need to build more power plants
  • Make you feel good about helping to protect the environment and save our natural resources

Why Choose Us?

  • Our parent company Green Valley Cooling & Heating has been serving the southern Arizona area since 1968… we have staying power.
  • We are a local company and will be here long after the sale is made.
  • Our mission is to exceed your customer's expectations in everything we do.
  • If you are not satisfied, neither are we.
  • We have a highly trained staff that will design and install your solar system to make optimum use of Arizona's plentiful resource, the sun.