10 Fall Tips for Fall from Southwestern Solar

falling-1564889It’s that time of the year again, the heat is subsiding, and the lovely season of fall is peeking her head out. Now, before we start seeing the trees change shades and the weather cool off, here are some great tips to lead you into the fall season.

  1. Drain your hot water heater – if you don’t have a water softener, hard sediment can be building up in your tank. Now is the perfect time to drain your heater and inspect for rust so you are not without when the weather gets cooler.
  2. Check your windows and doors for drafts – checking your windows and doors for drafts will keep the heat secure in your home. If there are drafts, now is the time to fix them so you don’t loose efficiency from your heating unit.
  3. Cover your pool – if you have enjoyed your swimming pool during the summer, you are going to want it in tip top shape for next year. Cover your pool with a protective cover to keep fall leaves and debris from dirtying and clogging up your pool.
  4. Prepare your garden – It is time to get rid of your spring plants and plant for fall color. Some great fall plants are: Violas, Snapdragons, and Pansies.
  5. Check your roof and gutters – leaves will be falling and blowing in the wind more during the fall, make sure your gutters and roof aren’t going to get clogged or overrun by fall.
  6. Get your heating system checked – To make sure you aren’t going to get stuck with a system that doesn’t work when the cold comes, give us a call to check your system and get maintenance where needed.
  7. Change the direction of your ceiling fans – creating an upward draft circulates hot air from the ceiling.
  8. Check carbon monoxide detecter and smoke alarm – fall is an excellent time to check your safety detecters and to replace the batteries.
  9. Remove window AC units – as it warms up, take out your window AC units, clean them and store them away for the hot season. You can then keep the outside air where it belongs and keep the warm air inside your home.
  10. Take care of your outdoor items – it will soon be time to deflate your pool toys and put away the noodles. Make sure to thoroughly dry them and store them away so they do not create mold.

Happy Fall from your friends at Southwestern Solar!