Get Started With Solar

p2It has never been a better time to go solar. Now that we have hit 100 degree weather and the sunshine is plentiful, it is the optimum time to save money on your electric bills with solar energy. If you are curious about the process, here’s how we serve our highly satisfied solar family:

  1. We conduct a free site evaluation. We come to your home to determine if solar power is indeed the right fit for you by determining if your home has the right characteristics for great solar energy harvesting.
  2. We will do a financial analysis. We take the time to analyze your utility bills to determine how much energy you use and how much you can save.
  3. We professionally design and engineer your system. Trust the experts, our engineers will design a solar system customized to your needs and your home, and take the time to determine optimum location while meeting code requirements.
  4. We help with financing and forms administration. We care about helping you from start to finish and work with you to maximize your state and federal credits and utility rebates, while showing you options and financing.
  5. We professionally install your system. So you never have to worry about getting multiple companies involved, we will install your system for you. Count on our professional installers to do excellent work on schedule.
  6. We provide ongoing maintenance. On some systems, we offer internet-based monitoring programs so you can see your system performance. With each system sold, we also offer system maintenance and performance agreement programs so that you know that your unit is running efficiently.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at 520.329.4020, or click here.