15 Reasons to Choose Southwestern Solar

As we celebrate 2015, here are 15 reasons to choose Southwestern Solar.

  1. Renewable energy is the next big thing. As advancements are being made in technology we are focusing more on energy efficiency and going solar is a great way to make 2014 green.
  2. We have been around for a while and are planning on staying! Our parent company Green Valley Cooling and Heating has been serving the Green Valley area since 1968.
  3. We are local. Keeping your investments in the Green Valley area helps advance our community.
  4. Solar energy is the investment that keeps on giving. You save on energy costs and get incentives locally and federally.
  5. We come highly recommended, just check out some of our client testimonials by clicking here!
  6. We offer a 100% guarantee on our work. We are confident in our abilities to get you the perfect system to fit your needs and we won’t stop until you are completely satisfied.
  7. More savings! Not only do you save with tax incentives and lower energy costs but we also offer additional coupons.
  8. Our founder worked with solar systems for over 25 years
  9. Our highly trained staff enjoy working with you to provide you with the system of your dreams; from design to execution we work to get you the results you want.
  10. We conduct a free evaluation and analysis before we even get started so that you are involved with the process.
  11. If you are unsure of how to finance your solar system we can help with the forms and the financing.
  12. We are committed to constantly learning more about efficient solar systems and offer both photovoltaic solar and general solar systems.
  13. We service and install solar water heaters.
  14. We help you learn more about solar energy both when you consult with us on the phone or in person or on our website’s blog or glossary
  15. We have the experience. Southwestern Solar is made up of a team of professionals who have received extensive training in the industry

Ready to go solar? Give us a call!