Lower Prices for Solar Energy

It has been featured in the news recently that Japanese government has lowered pricing on solar energy making it more readily available to a more widespread audience. Because the price of manufacturing solar panels has been decreasing it is no wonder that the prices to own and obtain this energy has seen a decline as well. Japan is requiring power suppliers to purchase renewable energy in hopes that they will one day rely completely on solar energy.

What does this mean for us in the states? Well, as we see this happening in other countries we can hope that the growth of the industry will allow our reliance on fossil fuels to drop and the manufacturing costs of solar to drip with it. Solar jobs are becoming one of the most widespread growing job fields today, and with that comes more opportunities to increase the production of solar panels while keeping the cost down.

Take a look at this infographic from easycleanenergy.com 

This graph clearly shows how the rise in solar energy popularity with the decline in pricing! In the past 18 months has produced more solar than in the past 30 years combined. This is good looking up for the solar community. Good things are happening and it has never been a better time to make the switch. Give us a call to get your assessment set up and learn from us how going solar will not only enhance your life but your community as well!

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Now is the Time to Go Solar

solar-panels-520594-mYou’ve heard us say it before, there are many benefits to switching to solar energy, but when is the time to switch? Now! As technology is advancing, panels are becoming thinner and more efficient. With the growing popularity of solar energy and its usefulness in our society, the government is offering more incentives and tax breaks for renewable energy.

2013 proved to be the biggest year for solar energy and we are hoping to far surpass that in 2014. According to GreenTechSolar, solar energy systems were being installed every 80 minutes in 2006, this increased in 2013 to one system being installed every four minutes. With this rising trend comes great outcome; renewable energy greatly eliminates our reliance on fossil fuels which is advantageous to our environment.

With these recent changes and growth in the demand and affordability of these systems, it’s no wonder the increase has become so great. Consider the growing popularity as an incentive in and of itself. Already, electric companies are facing a headache as they watch their incomes dwindle and the focus is being drawn to solar.

7-2010-006Now has never been a better time. We have been busy at work at Southwestern Solar and we have a strong desire to grow our reach in the Green Valley area. Let our team educate you about the best systems available and deliver the strong customer service repertoire we have developed over our years of service. We are not new in the solar game and we have both the knowledge and the expertise to get you set up with the perfect solar energy system to fit your needs.

Because some rooftops are not suitable to hold panels, you should get your home assessed. Since this is often the case, some areas may begin to offer community based opportunities that can deliver the same solar incentives you might gain from having home solar panels but at a centralized location which still decreases our reliance on fossil fuels, or you can have panels installed near your home like pictured above. If you are not sure whether your home can support solar panels, give us a call and we would be happy to give you an assessment and a quote for your home solar energy system.