The History of Solar

It is a common misconception that Solar is a new technology. Yes, the hype on solar energy and its effects on our environment have been a recent trend, but where solar energy started is a fascinating history lesson. In fact, the idea of solar energy began in the 1800’s by¬†Alexandre Becquerel who recognized the photovoltaic effect in which an object that is exposed to light conducts energy. From that point forward, solar energy has been a technology that has been improved upon every year it is in existence.

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Cold Solar Panels Conduct Electricity Better

smile-mr-sun-1198045-mDid you know that cold solar panels conduct electricity better? If you were worried about missing out on your solar energy during the winter, fear no more! Solar panel power works best in cold temperatures. Because there is no lack of sunshine in Tucson and Green Valley, the winter is a perfect time to maximize the amount of energy your system is conducting. Heat can actually dispel energy consumption so the winter months in Arizona are perfect for energy conduction.

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