Are You Ready to Go Solar?

ringAre you ready to go solar? With Southwestern Solar in Green Valley Arizona we strive to provide you with the best service backed by our years of experience. We want to exceed your expectations on our service and the knowledge we will provide you with about your new system.

If you want us to take a look at your home we will conduct a free site evaluation to give you your options and the plan that is right for your home. We want to give you an affordable quote that will save you money in the long run, but if we see problems, the onsite evaluation lets us address these ahead of time to give you a comprehensive quote.

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September Open House

Your friends at Southwestern Solar and Green Valley Cooling and Heating had an open house the last weekend in September; the first, hopefully, of many to come in our new building. The event was so successful that we are hoping to have another in February continuing a bi-annual event moving forward. This year’s turnout was wonderful! We featured all of our products and services and had our esteemed partner Rosie on the House in attendance. If you haven’t read about our partnership with Rosie on the House, check out our blog here: Partnership with Rosie on the House. Check out some of the amazing photos from the event here: Continue reading “September Open House”

Does Winter Affect my Solar Energy?

It’s a common misconception that Solar Energy only works during the summer. Actually, the intake of solar energy can increase during the winter. The sun’s heat is not what produces energy, rather, the exposure to the sun’s rays.

But why does the energy production from your solar panels decrease during the winter months?  The simple answer is because the days are shorter and the exposure to sunlight is less. Because the energy comes from the sun’s rays, heat is not a factor. Extreme heat can actually decrease the intake of energy making the intake of sunlight during the winter greater.

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